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discount for Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max from eXtra Saudi Arabia

Many citizens of Saudi Arabia are looking for iPhone 13 Pro Max price And the value of the monthly installment through Extra Saudi and Tas’heel Finance Company, and iPhone phones have a great reputation in Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf countries, due to the durability and quality of phones American Apple IncThe Gulf citizen considers it a manifestation of urbanization and keeping pace with the times and technological development, and the global iPhone phones are distinguished by elegance and elegance in design, and the iPhone 13 Pro Max mobile comes with many wonderful specifications that distinguish it from any other phone, as the mobile supports the operation of 5G networks, and the phone comes Several cameras give us very accurate and clear pictures and videos, and we will know through thaqafni news siteon me Loan for Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max from Extra Mobile features and specifications.

Loan for Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max from Extra

Any Saudi citizen or resident can get a phone Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max In installments from Extra, this is done through a company Tas’heel Financing We will get acquainted with you in the details, which are as follows:-

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max price from eXtra Saudi Arabia Before the discount, 5199 riyals, and the price after the discount was 4699 riyals for the 128 GB version.
  • The value of the discount is 500 SAR, with a discount rate of 9.61%.
  • The value of the monthly installment that the customer can pay is 225 Saudi riyals.
  • Extra Saudi offers free home delivery.
  • When buying the phone from Saudi eXtra, the customer will get a free gift worth 59 Saudi riyals.
  • There are also great offers from Extra Company Saudi Arabia on iPhone 12 mobile.

Required Documents

The documents required of the client to be submitted to the company have been determined Tas’heel Financing to get Loan for iPhone 13 Pro Max from Extra It is as follows:-

  1. The Saudi citizen must bring the national identity card, while the resident must bring the residency.
  2. The client brings proof of salary or proof of income through the Social Insurance Institution.
  3. The customer must bring the national address, and verify the mobile phone number through my numbers service.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max specifications

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max specifications

contains mobile iPhone 13 pro Max It has many great specifications, which are as follows:-

  • The phone comes with a large screen size of 6.7 inches, which is of the type Super Retina XDR.
  • The weight of the phone is 240 grams, and its dimensions are 160.8 x 78.1 x 7.7 mm.
  • The phone supports the installation of two SIM cards, the first of the nano Sim type, and the second of the eSIM type.
  • The mobile supports the operation of the 5G network, and it also supports the operation of all other networks.
  • The phone supports dust and water resistance of up to 6 meters under water for half an hour with the IP68 standard.
  • The mobile comes in four versions, the first with a capacity of 128 GB, the second with a capacity of 256 GB, the third with a capacity of 512 GB, and the fourth with a storage capacity of 1 TB.
  • The RAM capacity of the mobile is 6 GB for all versions.
  • The phone comes with four rear cameras, the first, the second and the third are 12 mega-pixels, and the fourth is of the TOF 3D type.
  • The phone comes with two front cameras, the first of which is 12 mega-pixels, and the second camera comes with SL 3D accuracy.
  • The mobile operating system iOS 15 is the latest version of the American company Apple.
  • The phone comes with a number of sensors such as the gyroscope sensor, the proximity and distance sensor, and the barometric pressure sensor.
  • The phone supports the GPS feature that determines geographical locations, and it also works on determining global navigation systems.
  • The phone supports the fingerprint feature to protect the phone from tampering with its contents.
  • The phone comes with a powerful battery that makes the phone work for long periods of time while working or listening to music or videos.