Cloud computing.. The video game industry is on its way to a radical transformation | technology

The estimated global annual revenue in the video game industry is higher than the sales of the music and film industries combined.

The video game industry has grown exponentially during the Corona pandemic, with more major technology companies wanting a piece of the tempting pie with more than two billion people playing video games regularly around the world.

The global gaming industry is now worth more than $300 billion, according to a recent report by Accenture. The industry has added 500 million new players over the past three years, and the report stated that the estimated global annual revenue in this industry is higher than the sales it achieves. The music and film industry combined.

And if the word “games” paints in your mind the image of a lone player sitting in a dark room in the basement of a house, with large headphones, immersed in a computer in front of him, you may not be entirely wrong, as this is the stereotype with which you define a culture ‘Pop’ our vision for electronic games, yet the gaming industry is on its way to a massive change like never before.

Reimagining the gaming industry

And recently, the definition of electronic games has expanded to include smartphone games, social media games, and advertising in games, apart from the traditional computer and previously known video games. It will make it more social and less controllable, as game design studios switch from providing games for fixed devices to cloud-based systems, and this gives players the opportunity to play multiple games simultaneously and helps companies make more profits, according to Analytics India Mag. (@analyticsindiamag) Finally.

The global gaming industry is now worth over $300 billion (Shutterstock)

Multi-device games

Imagine that gamers will enjoy video games anywhere and anytime, whether it is on their smartphones, tablets, or laptops, and if they feel that they need a bigger screen, they have the full ability to change devices according to their desire and mood, unlike what is happening now With games dedicated only to mobile and others for computers or tablets, the great potential of cloud computing allows developers to run any game whatever on any device the player wants, which is what technology and game design companies seek to take advantage of huge data centers regardless of where Its original existence to play games in any type of device and as desired by users.

Cloud gaming is transforming the gaming industry, and that only player in their basement now has a chance to take a break from the big computer they found themselves forced to play through, they can now simply play in the park on their smartphone or Anywhere else, the same applies to people who were not able to buy specialized and expensive gaming hardware, with cloud games they will be able to download these games to their phones.

Games have been synonymous with consoles and computers, and the changing face of the industry is making games available all around us now. In fact, even Zoom now includes poker and mystery games, and TikTok allows streaming games to more than It has one billion users, and Netflix confirmed a few days ago the addition of video games as part of the services it provides to its customers, according to the magazine.

While there is now talk about the “metaverse”, and the integration of augmented and virtual reality technologies in the gaming industry, the future of video games is still uncertain, yet most of the major technology companies in the world, including “Apple” and “” Google, Meta and Amazon are showing their interest in massively increasing their investment in the gaming industry.

According to Adrian Montgomery, CEO of Enthusiast Gaming Holdings Inc, in an interview with bnnbloomberg recently, these big tech companies are finding vast potential and opportunities to invest in next-generation gaming. “Generation Z” follows its consumption patterns, of which games are among the most important, if not the most important at all.

escaping from reality

The gaming industry has been associated with a desire to “escape from reality”, and some may prefer this concept, but according to Kelly Santiago, one of the top leaders in the game industry, “The growing industry is providing resources for those who want to move away from this traditional concept of gaming and replace it with something else, which is entertainment instead From escaping, the computing power of the internet allows the industry to find a space where the real world meets the gaming world.”

Chris supported the idea, explaining how “Metaverse” reflects the original form of human communication that occurs in three-dimensional worlds, which leads to a deeper connection, he says.

The video game industry is larger than the sports and film industry combined
The computing power of the Internet allows us to find a space where the real world meets the world of games (pixels).

Shared social experiences

It’s about creating a world that players can share rather than allowing them to immerse themselves in a game, and as Kelly explains, “we don’t need to play games on a single home computer with low-quality internet anymore,” emphasizing that “the strength of united gaming communities is enhanced by creating shared social experiences.” between players using new age technologies due to its proximity to the real world.”

For his part, and from his personal experience, Frederic Decamps, a senior game developer, discussed the magic of games like PokemonGo or Discord, which led to great social contact between players even though the platforms of these games are not It’s multiplayer, and it doesn’t include high-end graphics, but the magic lies in the ease of access and communication that these games offer.

spontaneous metaverse

The name “casual metaverse” is given to those games that do not need special glasses or augmented reality to play, you can play them in “Snapchat” or Tik Tok, and the accessibility of these games has allowed on these two platforms Without the need to buy specialized glasses with tens of millions of downloads around the world, which is the opposite of what happens in high-tech platforms, these extravagant platforms will attract the rich and those who have money only, and on the other hand, social games have become available to more people regardless of where they are Or the devices they use, and in many cases it only takes a mobile phone.

Entertainment is moving in the direction of “small points of interaction throughout the day,” Kelly said, and there is a major shift in the industry because games are easily accessible. , and at any hour of the day, and they can exit the game at any time as well, and while playing they can communicate and interact with the rest of the players, and this is the biggest change that will happen in the game world that cloud computing provides.