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Electronic Gadgets: The best-selling of 2017

The world of Electronic Gadgets is changing by leaps and bounds. Every week, new accessories for smartphones, tablets, PCs, consoles and other electronic devices are designed and marketed by the various companies in the sector. It is obvious that not all of these accessories have had the same success with users during this year.

So here is for you the list of Electronic Gadgets that have been very successful during the year 2017, which has just ended. But first, know that it is now possible to access all your online casino games from your smartphone .

Screen protectors

Ideal for protecting the screen of the device from cracks, scratches and breakage, protective glasses are accessories in great demand by the public. There are models compatible with all smartphones, consoles and tablets, provided that they are original.

They are worth just a few euros, but allow better preservation of the device.

External batteries

External batteries are among the best-selling smartphone accessories in 2017. Because of their real usefulness and their ever-increasing capacity, these external batteries will allow you to charge your phone even where there is no socket to plug it in. .

Note, however, that you must recharge it regularly too.

Connected watches

Connected watches do have their place in this ranking, because they have been a real success since their release. Major smartphone designers like Samsung also offer this accessory to users.

The SanDisk 32GB micro SDHC memory card

Supplied with the memory card reader, this accessory is perfect for you who have a smartphone with a low storage capacity. 32GB more to store your favorite videos and images.

wireless chargers

Induction chargers have come to revolutionize the charging of devices. These are so-called “wireless” chargers. Even if it needs to be connected to an outlet to work, however, there is no wiring between the charger and the charged device. Users loved it, the proof, it is found in this ranking.

2017 was undoubtedly a High-Tech year! 2018 should continue this momentum, and that’s good!!!

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