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iPhone 14: Apple’s smartphone to be announced

In a few days the WWDC will be held. And Apple should announce several new features. Will the iPhone 14 be part of it?

At the start of the school year, a new iPhone is expected. And this time it’s the iPhone 14. But what will be different? Apple may intend to announce the launch of the smartphone during WWDC. But will it really happen?


If you didn’t know, Monday is WWDC. But what is ? This is the conference that Apple organizes each year. And often, the Apple brand uses this opportunity to announce the new smartphone of the year. 

Normally, in September, the iPhone 14 should be released. But for the moment, there is nothing official. This conference could therefore be an opportunity to formalize the release of the latter. And this year, the experts have very little information.

Usually, there are always two or three pieces of information leaking from Apple. But this year, not so much. WWDC isn’t just about the release of the latest iPhone. This concerns all brand products.

According to the news , a new MacBook Air should see the light of day in September with the new M2 chip. This product would then mark the new generation of the brand’s computer. But will we find out more about the new iPhone 14 in WWDC?

Not sure at all! Apple’s schedule is quite strict. And there is no reason for this year to be an exception to the rule. All iPhones normally release in September. So there is no reason for the latter to be announced in June.


In addition, nothing affirms that the production will be on time this year. Not sure that we can therefore buy at the start of the school year. It will depend on the recovery in China due to covid-19. In addition there are several changes on the smartphone this year.

Already, Apple confirms that this new model will have the brand new chip. But that’s not all. The mini model of the collection will be deleted. This model will be replaced by a 6.7-inch model. As big as an iPhone Pro Max for example.

The goal is to give smaller budgets the opportunity to have a big screen. In any case, if you are wondering what the smartphone will look like, the design has been released on the internet. Not much has changed this year.

Apart from the black notch that we have known on the screen for years now. Otherwise, there will be even more colors available. So, it’s up to you to see what you prefer. In short, while waiting for September, new products will be announced during WWDC.

A brand new MacBook Air! But other mysteries should be solved. Like the news about iOS but also a probable VR headset. In short, the surprises should be present during this Apple event.

For all iPhone fans you will still have to be a little patient to discover the new model. But if all goes well, by September you should find out. So, looking forward to the next WWDC? Only a few more days to wait!