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Learn about the top 3 cryptocurrencies to buy in the world of Metaverse | leadership

“The metaverse” – a word that means the virtual world – has become a completely new concept, since years ago it was possible to wear virtual reality devices and sit in front of the computer in order to navigate and navigate through virtual worlds, but “Metaverse” offers new services that make it more than just a world Entertainment, but rather an integrated industry that may change the world of digital currencies.

in a report Published by the American “Investorplace” website, writer Brendan Rerick says that in light of the competition between technology giants to dominate the virtual currency industry, Metaverse coins are seen as a pioneering step that opens wide prospects for the industry.

In “Metaverse” you can go anywhere and do anything you want, and the organizers of this virtual world seek to bridge the gap between the Internet and the third dimension, so that everything looks realistic. As part of these efforts, Metaverse – formerly Facebook – seeks to strengthen its presence in the most prosperous digital field, the world of cryptocurrency.

Metaverse allows trading in decentralized digital currencies and engaging in various e-commerce activities, and in many cases this can be turned into real profits.

While many are looking forward to the value that the giant company can add to the industry, others view this move with great suspicion, and its impact on this free world, which may become constrained by the company’s rules and algorithms.

“Metaverse” allows trading in decentralized digital currencies and practicing various e-commerce activities, and in many cases this can be converted into realistic gains. Here are 3 types of Metaverse coins, which are among the most developed cryptocurrencies.


Decentraland offers one of the most advanced virtual platforms for those who wish to integrate blockchain with digital social communication.

Mana fuels a social virtual economy, where users create an avatar and have the right to perform a range of virtual activities, such as playing video games, visiting virtual cafes or chatting.

In recent days, the network has begun hosting major virtual music festivals, beginning with the Metaverse Festival. The musical event, which lasted for a few days, witnessed a real performance by a number of musicians.

The DeCentraland network offers its users the opportunity to buy and sell virtual lands in Metaverse, and non-fungible items can be offered for Mana currency.

Launched in 2015, this network turned into a 3D platform in 2017, and gradually developed from a technical and financial point of view. In recent days, Sotheby’s has purchased a virtual plot of land on DeCentraland and re-established its headquarters in Metaverse.


Similar to DeCentraland, the Sandbox Network (SAND) is a virtual world in which users can create games, sell goods, communicate and entertain.

Sandbox users can purchase and develop land, and through these virtual activities, real income can be generated using Sand currency.

The Sandbox map, a graph with a Cartesian coordinate system, shows the largest hypothetical landowners. The network’s biggest partners include video game developer Atari, and big music names like Snoop Dogg and Deadmau5.

The Sandbox Network is a virtual world in which users can create games, sell merchandise, communicate and entertain.

Currently, the market value of the “Mana” coin from the “Decentraland” network is $ 4.5 billion, compared to $ 2.4 billion for the “Sand” coin, but the pace of investments is accelerating, including an investment from the Japanese holding company “SoftBank” of $ 93 million, It may pave the way for Sandbox to overtake DeCentraland as the largest network in Metaverse.


The writer says that the “Enjin” coin is the most diverse among the three “Metaverse” coins, as it mixes the games of “Blockchain” technology and the world of “Metaverse” in a unique and hybrid product.

The “Engine” network differs from “Decentraland” and “Sandbox”, as there are no plots of land for sale, and you cannot roam inside them by default.

In return, ENGIN offers a variety of games, based on the formation of combinations of non-fungible tokens and use them to beat other players.

The Engine network has grown in popularity in the recent period, mainly due to the Efinity Fund, a platform for generating non-fungible tokens linked to the main Engine network.

With its new $100 million investment in Infinity, the platform hopes to strengthen its presence in the cryptocurrency world.

In line with the ideology of the blockchain pioneers, Engine believes that the future of Metaverse is decentralized, but this is in stark contrast to Facebook’s policies, as the writer put it.

With its attractive offers, large capital and wide user base, Engine offers an exceptional product in the world of metaverse.