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Learn how to cut videos on smartphones or tablets

Users need many third-party software or apps, which can enable Crop a video on their phones, but nowadays everyone can get the job done directly via the default photo app in their smartphones.

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A business insider published a report in which it revealed the way to cut a video clip on an Android phone, whether via a smartphone or tablet, revealing the best way to cut videos on Android phones or tablets via the Google Photos application.

The author of the report believes that the Google Photos app may be the default app on your phone or device, but if not, you can download it for free via the Google Play Store.

Open the Photos app on your phone and then search for your video. If you don’t find it in the app, you can make sure that the video is saved to your device first.

Then open the video and tap the Edit option at the bottom of the screen, below the progress bar.

– Click on the “Cut” option again at the bottom of the screen.

– You can drag the white circles in the corners of the video to freely cut the clips however you want.

Then tap on the square icon with two arrows inside it, in order to quickly cut the clip using a specific ratio.

– You’ll find an icon that looks like a flat square without sides in order to cut the clip into a non-rectangular shape, like a triangle or a trapezoid, but the final product will remain rectangular, but the video will stretch itself to include only what you’ve saved.

– If you want to start again cutting the clip, press the “Reset” option in the bottom right.

Then, after completing the process, you must click on the “Save a copy” option in the lower right corner.

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And earlier, Madam Net spoke about the best applications for iPhone owners with the ability to make a lot of modifications to photos and clips, and these applications are called montage clips, to modify video clips over the phone easily.

Luma Fusion app

Luma Fusion app works as an easy and simple video editor for iOS. The app contains a timeline editor with 6 different video tracks, and audio like, these clips can be extracted after editing on external storage drives via SMB servers feature.

The user needs a slightly modern iPhone to enjoy a distinct experience with this application, especially when using it with more than 3 4K video streams, but it can deal with several clips in 1080p quality, then it will not be difficult, as you can deal with a great user interface It provides you with an overview of the project in a miniature before it is completed in full. You can download the application for free via the App Store.

InShot Video Editor App

Like its predecessor, the InShot Video Editor application is one of the best and easiest editing applications for editing and editing clips on iPhone phones, and through this application, you can also deal with video clips, either individually or create grouped images and make them as a single video. The application is characterized by ease of use and its interface is useful for users because It contains many simple editing tools.

The watermark that is placed on the automatically modified clips is perhaps the most prominent drawback of the program, but the user can enjoy a good experience through the free version of the application, which gives you the same editing tools, more effects and filters that can be used in video editing, and extract it without a watermark.

Quik . app

The famous GoPro company has developed the Quik application to work on the iOS system, and by downloading this application, the user can produce many professional videos in seconds, as the application can address the problem of full phone memory, as the extracted clips can be synced to the cloud on the company’s servers.

The application is easy to use thanks to the editing feed in which the user can drag all the photos and clips to be edited, and get them done in a short time, you have to know that the application cannot produce 4K videos, but the maximum video resolution is 1440p.

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