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macOS Ventura features and update date


Apple has officially announced the features of macOS Ventura Mac OS Ventura, which is the next new version for users of different Mac devices, which provides users with a set of powerful new features, most notably the Stage Manager feature to improve the use of multiple applications on the same screen, in addition to a feature that allows the use of iPhone As a Mac webcam, along with many improvements to core system apps, including Mail, Messages, Photos, Safari, and more.

What are the features of the new macOS Ventura for Mac computers?

These are the best features of the next version of macOS Ventura:

Stage Manager feature to make it easier to work on multiple apps

It is one of the most prominent features of macOS Ventura, as it provides Stage Manager, which is also one of the upcoming features for iPad devices with the iPadOS 16 update, which provides users with a better way to organize applications and open windows automatically, so that users can focus better on the application they are working on, while facilitating Navigate between applications and other open windows, through the appearance of open applications in small windows on the left side that can be easily switched between them by clicking on any window.

Through the Stage Manager feature, users can create groups of windows or applications when working on specific tasks or projects, so that design applications or editing applications can be grouped, opened together, and moved between them easily.

Transfer Facetime Calls Between Mac, iPhone and iPad

One of the new features in the upcoming macOS Ventura for Mac devices is the ability to transfer FaceTime calls between Mac, iPhone and iPad devices with one click, which gives the user a better experience in dealing with FaceTime calls.

Use your iPhone as a webcam for Mac

The new macOS Ventura update also provides the ability to use iPhone phones such as iPhone 13 And theiPhone 14 It is expected to be launched during the coming months from 2022 as a webcam, through the Continuity Camera feature when making video calls through FaceTime or through Meeting apps different like Microsoft Teams And Zoom and others, without any settings or steps, where the user only has to put the iPhone on top of the screen of the Mac, and then the system will automatically detect the iPhone’s camera and use it in video calls, without the need to purchase any devices or connections, while supporting the features that are available to iPhone users such as Center Stage and Portrait Mode.

The new feature supports a mode that Apple called Desk View, which allows the use of the ultra-wide camera, so that at the same time the user’s face and the top view of his office appear, which is the appropriate feature when creating educational videos such as drawing clips, making handmade products, and others.

Continuity Camera: A feature that allows you to use your iPhone as a webcam for Mac

Enhance your Mail app with Gmail features

The macOS Ventura update also adds important updates to the email management application that gives it a set of the most prominent Gmail features, which include the ability to schedule emails for sending later and undo sending messages, in addition to a more comprehensive and accurate search experience and alerting the user when a part of the message has been forgotten, along with Preview attached links and more.

Apple Boosts Mail App for iPhone, iPad, and Mac with Gmail Features

New Features of Safari Browser in Mac Ventura

The macOS Ventura update also introduces new features to the Safari browser, including the ability to share a group of web pages with friends and see updates in real time while working together, with the ability to share favorites as well, which allows, for example, to collaborate with friends to organize a trip Before traveling, with the ability to start a conversation via the Messages application or the FaceTime application directly from Safari.

The new Safari features in Mac Venture also include the ability to start a conversation via the Messages application or a FaceTime call, directly through Safari to enhance cooperation between users, in addition to the Passkeys feature that reduces dependence on passwords to log in to various sites through the Safari browser Safari, so the user can rely on FaceID and Touch ID.

The messaging app gets important advantages

The Mac Ventura update also adds new features to the Messages application, which are features that include undoing sending messages and marking them as read, in addition to watching content or listening to music with friends through the messaging application directly through the SharePlay feature, with the ability to text while watching and support media control together.

Improvements to the Spotlight Search feature on Mac

It provides update for Mac Ventura macOS Ventura Better improvements to Spotlight search on Mac Mac users can search for photos, messages, notes, files and the web directly through Spotlight, with support for LiveText to recognize text in photos and videos, and search for images with text that matches words search.

can also be used Spotlight In Quick Tasks, you can quickly set an alarm, start a focus session, find the name of a song with Shazam (which is owned by Apple), or even run a shortcut and more, showing previews of search results, including contacts, albums, musicians, movies, TV shows, actors, and more.

Shared photo albums

It is an easier way to seamlessly share photos with up to 6 family members, so that a shared album can be created that allows family members to share photos in it, and the feature allows all album participants with the same powers to add, edit and delete photos, with automatic suggestions to add photos to the shared album The feature also supports sharing photos in the album directly through the camera application, a feature that will also be available to each of the iPhone users through iOS 16 update And iPad users through the iPadOS 16 update.

Freeform Instant Collaboration App

The new update for macOS Ventura also introduces the new Freeform app, a collaborative application that provides a white space to share notes and ideas with co-workers or friends in one place, with support for drawing and writing with the Apple Pencil on iPads, in addition to sharing files and inserting web links documents, video, and audio, and Freeform also allows collaborators to start a messaging session via the Messages app or a FaceTime video call.

Better Settings Design in macOS Ventura

Apple redesigned the settings in the new Mac Ventura system, adding a sidebar that facilitates navigation between system settings, similar to the sidebar in the iPhone and iPad settings.

Live Text now supports video

Apple has enhanced the Live Text feature to automatically recognize texts in images, so that the feature now supports extracting texts from videos by stopping the video when there are texts, and has also improved the Visual Look Up feature to identify objects inside the image, so that images of animals, birds and insects can now be recognized. And statues, isolate them from the background, and then share them through the messaging application, mail, and others.

Weather and clock apps are available for Mac

The next update for macOS Ventura brings users the Weather app finally to learn about Weather NewsWith the app set to take advantage of Mac features, the new update also adds the Clock app.

Faster security updates

Apple said that it will provide quick security updates that do not need to restart between traditional periodic updates, in order to ensure system security and fill gaps that require rapid security updates.

Improved voice dictation feature

Apple has improved the voice dictation feature in the new version of macOS Ventura, so that the dictation application automatically adds punctuation marks, including commas, periods, question marks and exclamations, in addition to the ability to insert emoji symbols by phone.

New design of Home app to manage smart home devices

And Apple has redesigned the Home app to manage smart home devices, with support for the Matter home connectivity standard that makes it easy to connect various accessories and smart home devices.

What supported Macs will get Mac OS X Ventura?

Apple said the following Macs will get the new macOS Ventura update:

  • iMacs 2017 and up iMac 2021.
  • iMac Pro – 2017 and later.
  • MacBook Air – version 2018 and later.
  • MacBook Pro – 2017 and newer.
  • Mac Pro – version 2019 and newer.
  • device Mac Studio 2022.
  • Mac Mini devices – version 2018 and newer.
  • MacBooks – 2017 version and later.

When is the macOS Ventura update available?

The new macOS Ventura update is available to Mac users as a free update later this fall 2022, but the developer preview version is now available, and the beta version is available during July 2022 through the Apple website for beta versions.