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World of metaverse: how to enter it


The world of metaverse is a series of virtual worlds that includes limitless interactions between users through the private avatar of each user, and it is the main link that links the physical and digital world together, and this is what makes metaverses the main virtual world in this universe, which prompted the largest companies in the world to Re-planning its strategy and plans in designing its products based on the world of “Metaverse”.

Meaning of the term “metavirus”

The word metaverse is a term to describe the digital world, with which many users can interact in a three-dimensional environment, and this virtual world is the future of the Internet, and “metaverse” in the broadest sense may not refer to only virtual worlds, but may refer to the Internet as a whole, including This is the full scope of augmented reality, and the word consists of two parts, the first “meta” (meaning beyond, or most descriptive) and the second “verse” (coined from “Universe”) and useful (beyond the world), and “metaverse” would be the “successor” of the use The Internet is powered by mobile devices, and the idea of ​​having a lot of metaviruses depends on companies coordinating with each other.

The term “metaverse” goes back to the novelist Neil Stephenson, who created it in 1992 in his novel “Snow Crash”, in which he imagined living virtual characters who meet in three-dimensional buildings and other virtual reality environments.

How do you enter this world?

You can enter the world of metaverse by purchasing Oculus VR virtual reality glasses include computers, smartphones, augmented reality (AR), mixed reality, virtual reality (VR) and virtual world technologies.

Your need for the equipment depends on where you want to go or the network that allows it to be used. If you want the Facebook network, the user can buy one of the headphones, which range in price around $ 300, although the device is self-contained and does not require the use of a computer or unit. Control games. Microsoft makes AR headsets that put digital information above the real world, while other companies are working on ways for augmented reality glasses to work with phones.

Virtual Reality:

It is a world of imagination, applied to the environment that can be simulated, and this world is designed in a professional way, where it becomes difficult for people to differentiate between it and the real world. As for entering or accessing this imaginary world full of technology, wearing glasses or a helmet has been It was made specifically for that.

Augmented Reality:

Augmented reality is the science that integrates the virtual world and the augmented world together through applications that have been designed for it and through which the user can interact with the two worlds or realities in addition to the ability to distinguish between them.

The most prominent companies that deal with metavirs

Facebook Inc., the first leading company that relied on Metaverse technology

Microsoft will announce its latest applications that support virtual world technology

Apple: It will launch augmented reality glasses, and the metaverse technology and its impact will be taken into account

Epic Games, which launched a variety of action and power games based on the virtual augmented reality system.

About the world of metaphysics

Metaverse technology has made the world more like a three-dimensional environment that users can enter and enjoy one of its components and elements, and this user is completely separate from the real world and is in a virtual digital world. There is no end and no beginning, and the technology is used in many areas, most notably virtual work meetings, during gaming and other daily activities that the user performs. Over time, metaverse technology will become one of the main technologies that cannot be dispensed with in our real world all over the world.