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On his twentieth birthday.. Learn about the history of Xbox


The first Xbox appeared from Microsoft about twenty years ago, and since that time the company has launched four different generations with a lot of devices, games and exclusive accessories for it.

The design of the device and the way it is called has changed a lot since the first device appeared, as did Microsoft’s position in the field of home games.

Because the design and naming changes so much, some users may be confused about the new and old generations of the device, so we offer you this quick review of the history of the device and the changes it has undergone over the past twenty years.

The first generation of Xbox

Microsoft used the letter X in everything related to its device, whether it was in the name of the device or its design and the design of its accessories. As a result, you find the device comes in the form of a large black box and in the middle is the word Xbox in a green circle.

And if you look at the device from the top, you find an X engraved on the top of the device, and Microsoft relied on this name because of the DirectX technology that it was trying to market.

Because of this, the goal of the first platform generation differs from the rest, as it was only a tool to publicize and showcase the capabilities of DirectX technology.

And the device came with four ports in the interface to connect its control levers with an internal power supply and an Ethernet port. Unlike the following generations, the first generation did not get a slim version of the device, but its control arm was thinned.

The first generation Xbox controller was called the Duke due to its large size, which was troublesome to use. The company then launched a slightly thinner and smaller controller called the Controller S, which is the official controller in the Japanese region.

Xbox 360

The design of the Xbox changed a lot with the second generation of the device, as it became based on the white color in the default version of it. The company relied on a simpler design and a simpler logo as well, and the second generation is considered the first device to compete significantly in PlayStation sales.

The device suffered from the famous Red Ring of death problem, and Microsoft extended the warranty of the device and released new copies of it that do not suffer from this problem, as this problem was causing the device to be completely damaged.

And the device came with two slots for memory cards in the front of it in addition to a hard disk that you can change in some versions. Microsoft then released two different versions of the Xbox 360, where the slim and E versions appeared.

The slim version comes with a design that is slightly thinner and smaller on the sides with a glossy exterior layer that covers the entire device.

The device came with more USB ports, a built in Wifi sensor, and the use of a SATA hard drive instead of the old one.

As for the E generation of the device, it did not offer many updates in terms of hardware or specifications, but the only difference was that it was similar to the Xbox One in design.

Xbox One

Microsoft entered the Xbox One era with a huge success preceding the X360 generation, but unfortunately that success did not last. With this generation, Microsoft tried to make the Xbox platform a complete entertainment platform that does not need anything else in your home. As a result, it added a lot of unclaimed and unclaimed features such as recording live TV or watching it while playing.

The company did not try to increase the hardware of the device to make it able to run all these new features, but the device was much weaker than the PlayStation 4.
Because of all these factors, the third generation of Xbox platforms did not meet the desired success, which prompted Microsoft to change its policy in the middle of the generation.

Xbox One S and Xbox One X

Although these two devices are considered an update to the Xbox One generation, they introduced many developments on the platform that made it return to competition. The Xbox One S is a smaller version of the Xbox One, but with a lot of improvements in terms of hardware and features. This device came with a Blu-ray Disc player that supports 4K display resolution automatically as well as support for streaming content in 4K and HDR.

As for the Xbox One X, it is a hardware upgrade in all respects from the first generation of the device, with a design similar to it. The Xbox One X is able to play games and content in 4K resolution and color HDR technology automatically thanks to its new hardware. The device came in a slightly smaller design than previous devices with dimensions very close to the slim Xbox One S.

The current generation of Xbox

The Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X are the current generation of Microsoft’s gaming platform, and the two are very popular. These devices come with more hardware power than the previous generation, with updates to the graphics processor and hardware central. The Xbox Series S aims to run games in 1440p instead of 4K, so it comes at a more affordable price.

The device also lacks an optical disc player, due to its reduced size and a little price savings and because of its reliance on digital downloads.

As for the Xbox Series X, it is considered one of the most powerful devices currently available from Microsoft, and it is superior to the PlayStation 5 in terms of hardware power. It comes with a very different design from all the other platforms released by Microsoft that caused quite a bit of a stir.

Microsoft didn’t make much of a hardware joystick design, and relied on last year’s design with new specifications in terms of the arm’s connection to the device and battery life.