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Put the router in these places, the strength of the network at home will shock you

ضع الراوتر في هذه الأماكن

Put the router in these places

Put the router in these places The router that you rely on for access to the Internet can be one of your most important devices in the home.

But the importance of this device is not limited to “delivery” of the Internet only. Rather, this device is the main controller of your home Internet.

Put the router in these places

He is the controller of the quality of your communication and the controller of its security and everything. In this article, we will focus on the Wi-Fi signal issued in your home.

And where do you put your router in order to get the best WiFi signal from it. This article will help you greatly if you are struggling with your Wi-Fi network.

The basis of the work of Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi signal you receive on your mobile phone is electromagnetic (non-ionizing) waves. It operates at a frequency of 2.4GHz or 5GHz.

Specifically, at a frequency ranging from 2.412 GHz to 2.472 GHz, this frequency is close to the frequency of microwaves, which is equal to (2.45 GHz).

The brackets are very important, which I will use in the explanation in the article. These waves are electromagnetic waves that can travel in a vacuum as well as in any medium. But it can be obstructed.

These waves walk in straight lines. In straight paths only. You can change its direction with any metal object. But in nature, they only go in straight directions.

But it does not change direction by itself. If you put a wooden wall in front of it, for example, it will penetrate it, but it will be affected by this wall and will weaken something.

Put the router in these places
Put the router in these places

What affects the performance of the Wi-Fi network of the router?

Obstacles that interrupt the paths of the waves emanating from it

The waves emitted by the router interfere with waves that are close to it in frequency, such as microwaves

metals in general

The quality and type of the device itself

The perfect place to put the router

The first place the router should stay away from is the kitchen. It is obvious why would you put an internet device in your kitchen? But why do we say don’t put it in the kitchen.

Because there are many metal pieces in the kitchen, including dining and home utensils and appliances made of metal.

But there is also a device that we should not forget. microwave. When it works, it emits waves at a frequency of 2.45GHz, which are in the same frequency range as the outgoing Wi-Fi waves.

This creates interference and weakens or cancels the network itself. Go heat something in the microwave and you will notice this weakness

The router should be kept away from outside the house as well. For example, don’t put it on your balcony. For many reasons, the first will be damaged by rain.

The second reason is its distance from the beneficiaries of the network, who are the residents of the house. The third reason is that it can be stolen, for example.

If you are reading this article and putting the router on your balcony, most likely the outage that will happen suddenly in the future may be because it has been stolen. So the balcony is not an ideal place

The third places where the router is not suitable are closed rooms that no one can enter. A closed room is always filled with dust, and the presence of dust on the device will increase its temperature.

Put the router in these places

It will affect its efficiency and dust will form miniature obstacles that can weaken the network slightly. But it will affect the overall performance of the network, regardless of the fact that this is a closed room, there are obstacles that will prevent the signal from reaching you.

The preferred place to place the device is in the center of the area it covers in your house, for example, you can place it in the middle of the house or in the middle of your apartment.

So that the outgoing network and outgoing waves greatly help to cover the entire network.

Imagine it as we explained. They move in straight lines and come out in all directions. So the network is a circle that covers the space around it.

The optimal place is the middle of the house or the middle of the place where you want to cover the device, but there are some points that you must take into account

There are no obstacles near the device

There should not be any metals close to it, especially next to it, as the metal will cancel an area that the router can cover
It is recommended that the device be at a medium height. Neither is it on the ground itself. Nor is it hanging from the ceiling.
It should be in a dry and easily accessible place for cleaning or maintenance
Its wires should be away from the roads in which you walk in the house
Near the electrical entrance

If your goal with the router is to cover a specific room, for example, put it there. For example, if your goal is the children’s bedroom. Do not be afraid to put it in the rays emanating from it are non-ionizing rays. Non-ionizing radiation is completely safe for us.

It will not cause us any harm. You can also concentrate the power of the network in a specific area by eliminating the areas covered by the network. And that’s metal. Let’s also say you put the router in a room facing the street.

Put the router in these places
Put the router in these places

And you want to cover the room and the house and prevent the signal from the street. Put any metal in the form of an arc behind the antenna. So that the metal is towards the street. mission accomplished

Conclusion in points. Where do I put the router?
In the room you want to cover with the network
In the center of the place you want to cover
away from metals
Away from any obstacles, especially concrete walls, and away from dust
In an easily accessible and visible place in front of you
Away from any other router or any other device that emits any electromagnetic waves