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Smartphone: 3 Tips for Choosing

The market today is flooded with smartphones from different brands . Equipped with an iOS or Android operating system, these phones come in a wide variety of versions and new models are released every month. You want to buy a Smartphone but you feel lost among the existing alternatives? A few tips will help you make the best choice.

Tip 1: Ask yourself THE right question

Before choosing a Smartphone, it is essential to ask the question: for what uses do I need a phone? The options and price of a Smartphone vary from one model to another. Making and receiving calls, sending and reading text messages or emails, accessing social networks or surfing the web are actions that you can perform with all Smartphones, even touch-tone telephones.

On the other hand, if you plan to use your Smartphone to take photos, videos or to have fun with your favorite games, then you need either a model with specific configurations, or the latest from a major brand.

Tip 2: Identify relevant selection criteria

The first factor that will limit your choice is certainly your budget. The most demanding in terms of power, image quality, fluidity and functionality can turn to the iPhone 12 Pro Max or the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. In addition to these two flagship models of high-end smartphones, there are some interesting alternatives offered by brands like Xiaomi and Huawei .

However, before rushing to the most expensive models, it is worth comparing a few models from different price ranges by considering relevant criteria. Among the essential criteria:

  • operating system: Android or iO,
  • size, definition and resolution of the screen,
  • battery life,
  • camera (sensor size and aperture, number of megapixels, autofocus),
  • internal memory,
  • RAM and processor,
  • format and number of SIM card slots,
  • 4G/5G compatibility.

In addition to the sum for the acquisition of a Smartphone, it is recommended to provide a budget for useful accessories. For example, an iPhone 12 case will allow you to effectively protect your expensive Apple device. Also remember to find quality headphones to make the most of your Smartphone.

Tip 3: Aspects to make a decision

In addition to the most important criteria that will help you choose the best smartphone for your needs, there are features that can be useful if you hesitate between two models. In particular, there is the design. The latter has no effect on the functionality and performance of your Smartphone. Additionally, the quality of exterior finish can be masked by the protective cover of the style of your choice. The waterproofness of a Smartphone is also a quality that is more or less important depending on a person’s lifestyle.