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Steps to make smartphone use easier for elderly users

Smartphone companies know that older users are the least comfortable with their smartphones, so companies often take this particular segment into account when making phones and introducing more of their apps, and some of them put a lot of easy customizations for them.

A business insider reported 3 easy steps and ways to make your iPhone or Android phone easier to use for seniors.

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On-screen font size

You have to know that things always get difficult when the texts of the phone are small, there is certainly a big problem for the elderly in reading small texts, so all iPhone and Android phones are released with the ability to adjust the size of the screen text.

The user can adjust the size on the iPhone by opening the “Settings” application, then pressing the “Accessibility” option, then clicking on “Display and text size” to change the text size, via the larger text option, and the user can also make the text bold and that increases contrast and a variety of other readability settings.

On Android phones, it is possible by opening the “Settings” application, then clicking on “Accessibility”, then you can click on the text and display to set the text size, and you can also darken the text, and enable the high contrast mode.

On-screen keyboard

The keyboard may also cause a crisis for older users, so everyone needs the keyboard to be more easy to read, just like the text that appears on the screen, and this can be done across Android devices by opening the “Settings” application, then pressing the option “Display and Brightness” and then click on the “Zoom in” option.

As for enabling this feature in Android phones, you have to start any application that uses the keyboard so that you can see the keyboard on the screen, then press the “Settings” application, above the keyboard, then you have to press the “Preferences” option, Then choose an option from ‘Medium height, tall or extra tall’.

And my previous lady talked about some of the things that users of smartphones may encounter, as the phone may one day experience a power button failure when using it for long periods, so you need to restart it, so you should know these methods.

Some resort to using the power button permanently, repeatedly, and sometimes unnecessarily with the use of the phone for long hours, which may expose it to damage over time, which prompts you to search for another way to open or close the phone, so we will show you in the following a simple way to reopen the phone in case of damage Power button, according to

1- Quick settings panel

The easiest way for any user to restart their phone is to open the quick and shortcut settings panel, through which they can press the Restart button. This panel includes other capabilities for its frequent use and to facilitate access to it at any time, such as WiFi, Bluetooth, airplane mode, and others.

Select your phone type because the matter may differ from one phone to another, then scroll down once or twice, until you find the Power button.

After you press the power button, select “Restart”.

2- charge the phone

The second method is not known to all or most of the users, and it is not widely spread, but there are many phones in which this method can easily succeed, and the phone restarts automatically after it is connected to the charger.

If you tried this method and it did not work and the phone did not restart, and if you have tried to update many technical faults that require restarting the phone, it is possible to revive the screen of the Android phone by connecting it to the charger, then using the “Shortcut and Quick Settings Panel” method.

3- ADB tool

The frequent use of this performance has made it the most popular and widely used way to restart the phone without using the power button, it is called ADB — Android Debug Bridge, this tool is for Android phones, it works by commands, and it can easily control your phone via USB from a computer .

This tool works by taking a copy of the files in the phone, as well as installing and uninstalling some applications on the phone, in addition to running commands within the Android system.

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